Month: February 2020

5 SEO Hacks That Still Work in 2020

Getting your website to arrive at the top of search engines like Google should be your priority when looking to market your business online. The higher you page is ranked; the more people are visiting your site and more increase in both site traffic and total sales. The increase in sales isn’t necessarily due to the volume of traffic but the TYPE of traffic.

Search engine traffic is notoriously warm to hot traffic – meaning that the people who visit your site are usually somewhere deep in the buying cycle.

The key to high SEO ranks is using the right SEO techniques. You can find many SEO hacks on the internet that you can easily use to boost your rankings, but most of them are outdated and useless, and only a few of them are applicable. Effective SEO techniques will help you improve the rankings of your website so you can get more traffic and thus more sales. Rankings are important because the first 3 search positions typically gets upwards of 75% of the traffic for a particular keyword.

Comprehensive Keyword Research

To start with SEO, you need to do good keyword research. Some SEO firms and professionals believe that your site will be ranked according to how well you research your keywords. Get solid keywords because many readers target the keyword. Based on competition, SEO keywords can be divided into two; high-competition and low-competition keywords. If you are a beginner, it is recommended to aim for low-competition keyword and also ensure that there many people who search for keywords. You can use the Google Insight, Google Keyword Tool, and Google Suggestion to assist you to find low-competition keywords.

seo starts with keyword research

Original Content

Site content must be unique since search engines love exclusive content. Good content for posting to your blog should contain about 4% to 5% keyword throughout the content. Start your article with a keyword and end the content using the same keyword. The content you write should be accurate, appealing and interesting to a reader. It should contain original content, engaging, and be informative to your readers to ensure they return to your site for more information. If you submit original content, it will stand out from other online content; hence readers’ interest will be retained.

Link Building

Year after year we hear the tinfoil hats claim that “linkbuilding is dead.” Well, it’s still not true here in 2020.

seo link building is dead

Search engines like sites with many relevant links; and the algorithm will continues to like sites like these for years to come. There are different ways you can get quality links to your website. Some of the proven methods in 2020 include link exchange, forum posts, guest blogging, blog commenting (for nofollow links) and putting your link at link directories.

On Page Optimization

There are different ways search engine crawlers can read your website. They start by reading the HTML of your webpage; hence you should optimize the HTML of your blog pages. You must include the targeted keywords in the META description and title tag. Ensure you properly use H1, H2 and H3. To succeed in web page optimization, you need to update your web content constantly. Regularly revisit your old pages and update them when there is a change of some important information. You should know that the more you regularly update your webpage, the more you get higher page ranking on search engines. Images are also used to make your site look more appealing and inviting. When you use images, always link them using text links. This is because people will click on the images. Linking images will not only improve your page optimization but also help at retaining your site visitors.

on page seo hacks

Social Bookmarking

To get higher site rankings, you should join all major social bookmarking sites such as Mister Wong, Delicious, Fadpal, etc. After signing in, bookmark your content at the bookmarking websites. The social bookmarking site will help your content to be seen by other site users. When they get something helpful and important, they too can bookmark it and create more incoming links to your blog. Getting more incoming links improves your site rankings on search engine hence getting the targeted traffic. Social bookmarking is a smart 2020 SEO hack for any network marketing business. If you are consistent at bookmarking attractive website and content, you will eventually see improved results and your business will grow more.

Many SEO experts already prove the above 5 SEO Hacks That Still Work in 2020. Using the above hacks will result in promising higher website rankings. Never be tempted by instant SEO hacks to generate traffic since Google may ban your site if it detects the use of black-hat SEO hacks.…